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Letter From The Managers

We are incredibly excited to present our 2017-2018 Year-End Report to you: our friends, partners, and supporters. This Year-End report broadly describes our community-based services, internal initiatives, and our strides to expand our impact.

Expanding Externally

Year-long client partnerships are the core component of our impact. This year, we took on some of the biggest projects in SOURCE history.

For example, one team designed a live inventory tracking system to organize donations for Children’s Foundation of America. Another team worked with Pilgrim Place to open an Etsy Store to sell resident-made art. Yet another developed a strategic plan with Pomona Hope.

While our partnerships this year were some of the strongest in SOURCE history, we promise to continue pushing ourselves to do more. We are excited to see what we accomplish with our partners next year.

Developing Internally

In order to prepare our consultants to take on bigger projects with our community partners, we provide trainings and opportunities to grow through internal work.

Our internal committees - events, digital and marketing - provided our consultants with opportunities to own initiatives. For example, our events committee planned six Nonprofit Lunch and Learns, a Claremont Mckenna Alumni Event, and our Annual Symposium. Many consultants were given the chance to exercise project management skills and gain event planning expertise that could be applied to client deliverables and their future careers.

In addition, this year, we pushed our consultants to lead internal task forces to address challenges related to SOURCE’s sustainability and efficiency. For example, until this year, Associate Consultants (ACs), our new hires, had no formal training to understanding the SOURCE-brand, programs and history. Below, you’ll read about how two ACs and several leads put together an ‘AC Marketing Kit’ to address this challenge while learning InDesign skills.

Lastly, in our continued commitment to growth, we have identified the need for further internal development. As a result, we have created the internal manager position that will be solely focused on developing our consultants.

New Channels of Impact

Not only does our internal work provide student development opportunities, but it also leads consultants to think up new channels of impact.

For example, consultants in the marketing committee came up with the idea for SOURCE Academy, a free online educational video series for nonprofits. This will allow us to reach more nonprofits that we are unable to partner with in-person.

At the same time, as a supplement to our year-long partnerships, we put together several externally-facing Task Forces to complete short-term projects with nonprofits. Below, you will read about a consultant who started a task force after meeting a community leader at a Nonprofit Lunch and Learn.

Looking forward, we plan to continue growing SOURCE Academy and pursuing one-off projects with nonprofits in addition to increasing our impact through year-long partnerships, IdeaJams and Nonprofit Lunch and Learns. Stay tuned for the continued development of these programs and initiatives.

We are incredibly thankful for the buy-in from community leaders, hard work of our consultants and support from our donors. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Lili Muskal, Jack Segal, and Lisa Hao

Our Mission

The mission of SOURCE is to help local nonprofits build capacity
and increase efficiency by providing professional consulting services
at zero cost to the organizations, while simultaneously
enhancing student development.

Developing Our Students

My First Year in SOURCE: Learning to Trust Myself

By Andria Tattersfield

That familiar sinking feeling in my stomach was back: it was nearing the end of the IdeaJam, and I had written down several ideas for approaches and solutions to the marketing and retention issues that this nonprofit had brought up, but the conversation was moving so quickly that I had not figured out a way to jump in. This kind of moment occurred pretty often. I was so in awe of the creativity, professionalism, and work ethic of all of my fellow consultants that I viewed myself as unable to ever reach their level.

Andria Tattersfield


SOURCE 2017-2018 Client Overview

A Summary of SOURCE's Key Deliverables

Children's Foundation of America

Maxine Baghdadi '21,
Ben Wolters ‘21,
Brendan Suh '19,
Jordan Aronowitz ‘18

Children’s Foundation of America

Mission: Children's Foundation of America provides the opportunity for every person to help children heal, learn and thrive.

The SOURCE team:

  • Designed a live inventory system to better organize donations and report fair market values of donations
  • Organized an open house of nonprofits to discuss demands for a nonprofit network within the Greater Claremont area

Claremont Museum of Art

Emily Wang ‘18,
Janet Chen '21
Bryan Carlen '20,
Mitchell Black '20,
Campbel Streator '18

Claremont Museum of Art

Mission: The Claremont Museum of Art celebrates the community’s rich artistic legacy and promotes the cultural vitality of the region.

The SOURCE team:

  • Implemented a Customer Relationship Management software to centralize data collection
  • Formed and analyzed a membership survey to develop a better sense of membership incentives and interests

Pomona Hope

Olivia Ison ‘21,
Ethan Tom '19,
Kenlyn Mirbach '20,
Daniel Bae ‘21,
Isabella Romeo ‘18

Pomona Hope

Mission: We are a community-driven, faith-based non-profit whose local partnerships and holistic programs cultivate meaningful relationships and empower people of all backgrounds, particularly at-risk youth and their families, to work together toward personal and community transformation.

The SOURCE team:

  • Interviewed stakeholders to develop a strategic plan
  • Created instructional manuals and financial outreach tracking tools for interns
  • Compiled a video-making guide to change how information was provided
  • Assembled an impact analysis survey

Claremont Meals on Wheels

Kathleen Cummings '21,
Lisa Hao '20
Joshua Tatum '21,
Max Sickinger ‘20,
Jackson Cooney '18

Claremont Meals on Wheels

Mission: Volunteers delivering affordable, nutritious meals and providing social contact with community members.

The SOURCE team:

  • Redesigned the website to be more modern and increase traffic
  • Researched and implemented a Customer Relationship Management software that best suited the nonprofit’s size, budget and needs
  • Structured a Treasurer onboarding manual to enable succession planning

Pilgrim Place

Andria Tattersfield ‘21,
Joshua Dorman ‘20,
Not pictured: Rei Imada ‘20,
Mackenzie Strafford ‘18

Pilgrim Place

Mission: Fostering a vibrant and inclusive senior community committed to justice and peace.

The SOURCE team:

  • Opened an Etsy store to sell resident-made art and raise revenue
  • Formed a custom Excel inventory and sales tracking tool

Pomona Community Foundation

Rachel Alaynick ‘20,
Bridget McCarthy ‘20,
Nisha Behrman ‘18
Not pictured: Will Edwards '19

Pomona Community Foundation

Mission: To invest in the future of Pomona and cultivate community leaders through directed philanthropy, collective impact, and civic engagement.

The SOURCE team:

  • Researched other community foundations to present a strategic plan recommendation
  • Worked with the nonprofit to form a “Why Pomona Community Foundation?” statement

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre

Michael Choi ‘18,
Kelly Lyons '21,
Megan Tankersley ‘20,
Elizabeth Harder ‘18

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre

Mission: The mission of the Inland Valley Repertory Theatre is to be a regional repertory theatre company in the San Gabriel and Inland Valley communities that will entertain, enrich, educate and employ people by offering high quality productions; to foster love and knowledge about the performing arts by presenting both classical and contemporary theatrical works; and to be a creative outlet for children, adult and senior community members through a high quality conservatory and community outreach workshop program.

The SOURCE team:

  • Analyzed the nonprofit, board and Executive Director through a survey
  • Organized and lead the nonprofit’s first board retreat
  • Revamped the website and provided a website manual with best practices
  • Researched techniques for audience expansion and diversification, specifically focusing on the younger generation

Client Spotlight

Spotlight: Pilgrim Place

By Rei Imada

Pilgrim Place is a senior community in Claremont, CA for individuals who have dedicated their lives to missionary, charity or nonprofit work. As impactful and important as this line of work may be, many find it difficult to comfortably retire after dedicating their lives to service— which is where Pilgrim Place bridges the gap. Overall, it draws many parallels to the Claremont Colleges: it is a hub where intellectuals with diverse experiences live together in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.

Rei Imada


Task Forces

The Task Force initiative began in January 2017 as a means to both grow SOURCE as an organization and expand our impact in the community. Anyone in SOURCE can propose a task force, a 3-4 consultant team that works to create a deliverable in a 3-6 week period of time. A task force can be started either to address an internal problem related to SOURCE’s sustainability and efficiency or to partner with a nonprofit on a smaller project outside of our year-long partnerships.

Kelly Lyons


Development by Design: My Task Force Experience

I dragged one last text box into place. Overwhelmed with anticipation, I quickly typed the final few words before scrolling to the title page. The new Marketing Kit for incoming SOURCE Consultants was complete. I scanned each page, thrilled to see the complex structure and intricate design schemes we had woven together. I was proud that I had helped design these pages and amazed to think I had first worked with InDesign only weeks before.

Mitchell Black


Nonprofit Lunch & Learns Forge Deeper Connections in the Community

Every month, SOURCE hosts a Nonprofit Lunch and Learn (NLL), where we invite nonprofits from the surrounding area to commiserate over a meal and listen to a speaker. This year, I was one of the fortunate few who organized these events. I enjoyed having meals outside of our dining halls, but mostly I loved meeting people committed to making a difference within their community.

SOURCE Academy

Reaching more nonprofits through helpful video content

Launching SOURCE Academy

By Ben Wolters

This year, SOURCE’s marketing team proudly launched SOURCE Academy: an innovative YouTube channel that uses animated videos to address the most common issues that nonprofits encounter.

Client Services - $37,080

SOURCE provides value-added services for our nonprofit Clients at no cost to them. We fundraise externally in order to pay our consultants for their work.

Student Development - $2,140

SOURCE is committed to student development. In addition to hosting monthly workshops targeted to develop our newly hired Associate Consultants, SOURCE hosted 4 general workshops for the 2017-2018 year. For example, in October, we collaborated with the Claremont Hive in order to teach our consultants about applying design thinking to client relationships.

Culture - $1,680

A tight-knit and cohesive culture is key to SOURCE’s success. In order to create a familial and supportive environment at SOURCE, we appointed our first ever culture president, Peter Brody-Moore. Peter helped plan bi-weekly culture events ranging from baking cookies to playing board games.

Internal Projects - $1,100

This year, our internal projects ranged from planning and executing our Nonprofit Lunch and Learns to kicking-off SOURCE Academy. With the continued passion and energy of our students, SOURCE continues to innovate and progress in order to bring lasting impact to the Claremont community.

Thank You To Our Donors!

SOURCE Seniors 2018

Celebrating our graduating seniors and their post-graduation plans

Campbell Streator

Every Vote Counts - Program Director

Elizabeth Harder

Intuit - Product Manager

Emily Wang

Columbia University - Industrial Engineering Student

Isabella Romeo

EY-Parthenon - Associate

Jack Segal

Tim Gannon for Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture - Director of Outreach and General Staffer

Jackson Cooney

McMaster-Carr - Management Development

Jordan Aronowitz

GPS Assurance Staff - Ernst & Young

Mackenzie Strafford

Bain - Associate Consultant

Michael Choi

Mercer - Talent Consulting Analyst

Nisha Behrman

Boston Consulting Group - Associate

Our 2017-2018 SOURCE Clients

Thank you for a wonderful year of partnership and community impact